Anchor-International LLC offers 3D graphics, 3D models and virtual simulations as well as 3D virtual/augmented reality training as the world is moving ever nearer to total computer interactivity. Anchor can accommodate a wide range of 3D graphical needs: from 3D virtual training (for example, learning how to dissassemble and reassemble a Glock 17 for field exercises) to flying 3D UAV models over virtual terrains, we have the "know how" to fit the bill. Need some 3D graphics for your company, website or personal use? Virtual guitar lessons? 3D graphical interfaces? Augmented reality training for combat situations? Anchor can most likely create what you need in a timely fashion and to fit your budget.

Our 3D specialists can create a wide range of models to fit the parameters of a given project: satellites in orbit, submarines skimming the depths, mechanical parts, and even architectural structures. Have a 2D design that you need turned into 3D for presentations, powerpoint or even proprietary websites? Anchor can do the work. We're even capable of modelling organic systems for medical applications such as heart/lung, brain/spinal cord, and even full skeletal frames. We can also embed sound effects, music or narratives (graphical or spoken) as needed.

To see a 3D interactive training module on how to field strip a firearm, click the red button below:


If you click on the "Original UAV footage" panel below, you'll be able to watch the actual footage captured from a UAV camera. If you then on click any of the other panels, you'll be able to watch the 3D simulated versions created with extended footage within the 3D simulation environment, thereby extending what the original footage captured.

Original UAV footage

3D UAV footage

3D Infrared UAV footage

3D Night Vision UAV footage
For further information, please email: sgwells@anchor-international-llc.com or sgwells3dart@aol.com