The BRAC committee closed Walker Air Force Base, located in Roswell, New Mexico, several years ago. While the closure dealt the city of Roswell quite an economic blow, they have refocused their business objectives, and have been seeking new ways to repurpose the huge base. In that endeavor, the Business Council has made it known that should the U.S. Government seek to use some of the outlying buildings and airfield tarmac for other purposes, they would be most receptive. Additionally, while the city of Roswell is, admittedly, an economically depressed area, it has been growing, albeit slowly, and should exceed 50,000 population sometime in 2008.

The Walker site is ideal for this type of enterprise because of the available, large, and paved outside storage areas along with several outbuildings that can be converted to administrative/maintenance/repair facilities with minimum modifications. Additionally, the site is within two miles of the north-south, east-west, trucking routes.

Roswell has a readily available work force, with an average annual income of about $26,000/annum. Labor rates remain consistently lower than most other larger cities, and the city is most encouraging with regard to any available training programs that might be offered by any commercial enterprise.

Roswell is a high-desert location with an average annual rainfall of 14 inches/year; an average temperature of 85 degrees (summer) to 44 degrees (winter); and an average humidity index of about 30%; therefore it is ideal for outside steel container storage.

Roswell is located approximately 150 miles East of I-25, 150 miles West of I-27, 100 miles South of I-40, and 150 miles North of I-10.

ROAD FREIGHT SERVICE: Roswell is bounded on the West by I-25; on the North by I-40; on the South by I-10; and on the East by I-27. Trucking state routes 285 run directly through Roswell from North to South, and 70/380 directly through Roswell, East to West, connecting to the bounded interstate routes.


The Burlington Northern Santa Fe hauls 90% of all freight originating in New Mexico, and 80% of all cargo terminating here. The company has two north-south lines, one serving the Rio Grande Valley and the other serving the Pecos Valley. East-west lines link the Midwest and California, meeting in Belen. Major communities served by this service are Albuquerque, Artesia, Belen, Carlsbad, Clovis, Gallup, Grants, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Portales, Raton, Roswell, Santa Fe and Socorro.

AIR FREIGHT SERVICE: Although the former Walker Air Force Base was closed by BRAC, Roswell has maintained the site, and it is now the Roswell Industrial Air Center. The site is capable of accepting air transport up to and including C-5A aircraft.