"The biggest practical thing we can do as a community... here and now is to convert our
organic waste into clean, renewable energy through anaerobic digestion."

(Anaerobic Digestion Protects the Environment and Saves Money,
Peter Drekmier, Loma-Prietan, Aug 2011)

Anchor-International is currently engaged in the development of a physical anaerobic bio-site (130 acres), and a long-term capital investment business proposal near a specific U.S. local community. The proposed anaerobic bio-site is central to a huge concentration of bio-feed stocks available on an almost ubiquitous basis. Anchor is also examining several hypotheses with regard to the size(s) and costs to build out the anaerobic bio-digester(s). Anaerobic bio-digesting is the leading edge of the current "green" technology, and is designed to process the available local "green bio-feed", reliably estimated at more than 1 million tons/yr, to pathogen/bacteria free by-products. The company plans to harvest, and make available for distribution, "clean" bio-methane (power production), "clean" bio-tea (liquid fertilizers), and "clean" bio-solids (compost for bedding and soil additives).

Anchor is committed to "green" construction using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, i.e. the facility design will make maximum use of solar power, rain run-off/snow melt-water holding/recycling tanks, bio-methane powered vehicles, etc.; and the construction and facility expansion will be designed in stages, with completion in five to seven years. Facility construction would include, to the maximum extent possible, the ability to transit these expansion stages without reconstruction of already operating facilities or work-flow interruptions.

The facility is being designed to convert bio-feed stocks using state-of-art technology, such as in-ground bio-digesters, and bio-methane collection, storage, and conversion to electrical power distribution systems; the collection, storage, and distribution of pathogen/bacteria free liquid fertilizers, and the collection, storage, and distribution of pathogen/bacteria free bio-solids (compost). Anchor-International is also a member in good standing with both the American Biogas Council and the U.S. Composting Council.

A Canadian biogas company has teamed with a German technology provider with the aim of becoming Canada's first turnkey anaerobic digestion system. "...Most of the feedstock comes from the 100 cows on (the managing director's) 150-acre farm, corn silages, and grease from nearby restaurants. The end result is enough energy to dry grain in a 180-metric-ton batch dryer, power (the company's) 7,600-square-foot headquarters, and provide electricity to more than 50 homes..." (article "Company brings German biogas technology to North America", from Manure Manager, September/October 2011 edition).

Extrapolate the above end product(s) to a Biogas Center with access to a local concentration of from 5,000,000 - 7,000,000 cooperating cows plus the feedstock from local restaurants, grocery stores, schools, shopping centers, grain farms/ranches, etc.,...and one cannot help being boggled at the possibilities.

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