Since 2008, Anchor-International's (A-I) combined 90 years experience in logistics management, warehousing, inventory, and distribution management, has been making it happen, rapidly becoming the answer to our government customer's needs. Tried and tested on the deck plates and in the trenches, A-I draws on its experience to provide the best logistics management solutions to federal, state and local governments in ever changing and dynamic environments.

Anchor-International LLC (A-I) services small to large size companies, and we know the success of your company depends on timely and accurate service from ours. As an integral part of Supply Chain Execution, we find paths to profitably add value to our customers' supply chains. The best way to develop quality solutions is through information gathering. Simply put, the better the information, the better value we are able to provide our customer. As a logistics solutions provider, we understand that customer's needs are different and each have varying requirements. We work to meet those customer needs with personalized service.

Managing multiple warehouses, inventories, clients and channels requires visibility across global networks. A-I provides comprehensive functionality from the warehouse through distribution, transportation, through delivery confirmation at customer destinations. We provide the flexibility and speed necessary to handle demanding clients, high volume small orders, value-added services and quick delivery. A-I drives change through the evolution of technology designed to streamline and optimize the efficiency of the operation.

A-I offers wide ranging solutions in personnel management in the multi-faceted arena of logistics and logistics management. Solutions include but are not limited to:

Facilities Support Services
Packing and Crating
Material Movement
Material Transportation & Shipment
Packaging and Labeling (PHS&T)
Material Stowage and Inventory
Logistics Consulting Services
Shipboard and Field Level Training Services
Depot Level Repairable and Aviation Depot Level Repairable Processing
Asset Visibility, Recovery/Repair and TIR'ing
Facilities Management
Supply Support
Technical Manual and Technical Data
Warehousing and Distribution
Logistics Operations (Base Logistics Operations
Logistics Support for equipment ad operational tests
Deployed Logistics Solutions
3M (Maintenance and Material Management)
ILS (Integrated Logistics Solutions)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)

With the continuous rising costs that our government faces today, it is A-I's mission to provide the best possible logistics solutions at a competitive price, enabling our military to focus on a smaller, stronger, and more efficient fighting force, in combat or in peacetime. No battle is won without coordinated movement of material to help sustain the mission. Anchor-International provides this solution, and in real time!

Unique Challenges
Thinking "outside the box" or as we like to put it, "coloring outside the lines," provides our customers with a different but focused approach to their needs, not the same old solutions delivered in the past.

No two customers are the same, nor, is our approach toward helping find an economic and sustainable solution to your logistics needs. Anchor-International draws on its experience from a DoD perspective and are not afraid of challenging "status quo" to find a better method or solution. We encourage our customers to challenge the thresholds that bind them and work with A-I for that competitive logistics solution.

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